We go behind the scenes with Branch Up founder and chief collaborator, Frédéric Massart

Branch Up has been established by Frédéric (Fred) Massart.

If you are in the open source software development industry, you might have seen Fred’s name around.

Fred has built many applications and contributed to open source code for big names in the industry, such as Moodle - the world’s open source learning platform.

When you trust your project to grow upwards with us, Fred will lead its development with best practice knowledge and forward thinking skills.

Because one of our promises is communication, we want to go behind the scenes at Branch Up so you can get to know Fred more.

We also want to make sure that as part of our commitment to deliver quality, you also get an idea how Fred and the team of collaborators at Branch Up work to give quality, robust solutions.

So, let’s talk to Fred!

Question: Can you start by briefly letting us know how you got into software development, computers and the technology world?

Fred: When my family and I first got our home computer, I was about 11. I was immediately interested in technology and software development. I spent hours trying to understand how it worked and how to modify its behaviour. Needless to say that I broke our home computer a couple of times! Haha!

Question: Why did you start Branch Up and what do you want people to get out of Branch Up?

Fred: Branch Up started on the first day of 2017. However, way before that, I have always had an interest and passion for creating custom software that provide a solution to a problem or to improve the way things are done.

I worked on small projects and created a variety of tools to help my friends and family. Some projects grew bigger and became public, such as a website for video-games competitions or software for flatmates to manage their shared houses.

I wanted to continue pursuing this passion of using technology to create custom solutions, and I wanted to do it for more people, for more businesses and institutions, and to do it full-time.

That’s when Branch Up was born.

Question: If a company, business or institution chooses to work with Branch Up, what can they expect, and what is the process of working with Branch Up?

Fred: We take pride in the quality of our work, and such quality can only be achieved by communicating well from the start. Prior to any development, we will discuss the project in detail. We will ensure that problems/challenges to be solved are clear, and that the solutions proposed adequately address such problems. We will discuss all aspects of your needs and explore the grey areas of the project.

Once we feel confident that there will not be any roadblocks, the development starts. We will invite clients to follow along and comment as development happens. When we’re finished, we will help with the deployment and final adjustments in order to make the project a success.

Question: What have been some of the best projects Branch Up has been involved in?

Fred: We’ve had several clients requesting additional features in Level up! - our gamification software to fit with Moodle - the world’s most popular learning management system - to meet their specific requirements.

These projects are always fun, and in some cases benefit the community too. One of our clients sponsored the development of new features which now benefits everyone.

We have developed custom solutions for Moodle, such as plugins needed by teachers, or a bridge-in between Moodle and a SIS (Student Management System) to ease the administrative part.

Whether small or large, a project is always a challenge, and we love challenges.

Question: What projects are you excited and would like Branch Up to work with in the future?

Fred: We love helping people become more efficient. Projects about making one’s life easier are always exciting. Aside from that, introducing gamification where it is not expected would be great. Making redundant and mundane tasks fun, that’s a challenge we’d like to take on! Have I mentioned our passion for cryptocurrency yet?