We continue to innovate gamification with brand new features

Level up! is the third most popular gamification plugin for the world’s open source learning platform (Moodle). Now, Level up! now comes with brand new features to make learning more collaborative and fun!

Last week, we at Branch Up released two new features for the plugin, delighting thousands of educators and learners around the globe who are using gamification for their courses.

Frédéric (Fred) Massart, our Director and Founder said that the new features have been added due to popular requests from users over the last year.

“Some of our promises here at Branch Up are collaboration, communications and innovation,” explained Fred.

“We take pride in working together with our end users to find out what works, what doesn’t, what can be done better, so that we continue to move upwards towards innovation.”

“So, we are excited to add two features of the ‘group leaderboards’ and ability to use GIFs for level badges to Level up!.”

Group leaderboards allow educators to turn on a scoreboard that shows the ranking of points accumulated by members of each group in courses. This feature aims to trigger collaboration and cohesion with a friendly competition.

Protip: use the group pictures for maximum effect! This feature is available only to Level up! Plus users and can also be accessed on the Moodle Mobile app.

In addition, all Level up! users now have the ability to use GIFs for level badges, making the look and feel of levels more fun and catchy.

“Imagine all the creative memes and GIFs that can be used to make your learners laugh and enjoy their courses, motivating them to move through the levels to unlock other fun media,” said Fred.

The addition of new features into Level up! are true to the principles of gamification - to assist in achieving positive learning outcomes.

“Here at Branch Up, we thrive to develop solutions to make people’s lives easier, but also to develop solutions that are engaging, fun and enjoyable to use.”

“Gamification can be used in many forms and many projects, targeted at making tasks more engaging or at encouraging all learners to perform better in their courses.”

“When we develop Level up! and any other gamification solutions, we look at how effective the solution will be, how we can avoid monotony as users get used to the system and that the features we build in do not distract from the main tasks to be completed.”

“With that development principles in mind, our upcoming releases will focus on adding more rules to further enable educators to tailor how and when learners earn points.”

For more information or to try Level up! for free, go to https://levelup.plus/.