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We live in a rapidly changing world. Technology is at the core of that change.

At Branch Up we believe in using this technology to create tailored tools to help make what you do better and more efficient. We do this through quality, robust and best practice software development.

Discover how we're helping people and businesses to simplify their processes, reduce and eliminate repetition, and save valuable resources.

Let's look at examples of how we are innovating businesses with our software development solutions!


We worked with Moodle HQ - the people behind the world's open source learning platform - to develop open source code that made their new Moodle 3.5 release GDPR compliant, for their millions of users in the European Union.


Motrain is a corporate gamification tool for open source software Moodle and Totara, aimed at improving course completion rates and engaging learners in a timely manner. Branch Up software developers created a plugin and mobile add-on integration to make Motrain accessible for Moodle's global users.

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