App Development

Be part of the mobile trend with customised app development.

More than 80% of mobile minutes in all markets are spent in apps.

We are using our mobile devices more to access the internet for everything we do.

At Branch Up we want to make sure that people and businesses we work with are always growing upwards with technology, with the latest mobile capabilities.

Understanding our partners, their goals, their audience and a robust way to be mobile is at the heart of our app development.

See how our mobile app developments are making work, learning and social enterprises accessible anywhere, anytime!

The Hangout

We helped make scores easier to record and access for climbing competitions at a gym in Perth, Australia with our mobile app - The Hangout Perth!

Pockét GO

Developed during the Pokemon GO frenzy, our Pockét GO app can be an essential tool for all Pokemon GO players, containing information on Pokémon's weakness and resistance, moves using DPS values, number of candies needed to evolve and more vital resources to strategically capture your Pokémon.

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