Improve engagement, productivity and learning with gamification.

Gamification is about using game design elements to improve user engagement, productivity, flow, learning, content absorption and more!

How do we gamify to achieve better engagement and results? At Branch Up, our gamification approach is:

  • Tell us what you'd like to do at work or in the classroom!
  • We will collaborate to design and develop the right gamification to suit your needs.
  • We will build quality gamification that meets your goals.

Find out how we're gamifying learning in the classroom and in the workplace.

See how gamification can directly help to engage your learners, achieve desired outcomes and get results!

Level up!

One day, our Founder and chief collaborator thought: "How can we encourage learners to take an extra quiz, read more content, and be drawn to their learning material?

Let's find a way for them to go back to their course, to complete one extra task, to feel empowered.

Let's reward them with experience points for completing tasks, and congratulate them for reaching milestones!" That was the beginning of Level up.

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