Level up! new features redefine the rules to offer more creativity & engagement in learning

Two months after releasing new features for Level up!, we are proud to announce more functionalities to make online learning more customised to meet the demands of learners.

One of the major new features improved the previous function that only allowed for rules to be set for an activity within the current course or the front page.

Level up! educators had expressed their desire to be able to set rules based on any activity throughout the site, and now, they are able to do exactly that in both the free and paid versions of the plugin.

In addition, all Level up! users can enjoy the new ability to reset rules of all or individual courses to the default rules set by the site administrators.

Even more good news for teachers - you now have the option to manually reset the rules in your courses.

Branch Up Founder and Director, Frédéric (Fred) Massart, commented that these new features would make online learning more dynamic and engaging, which is the philosophy behind the development of Level up!’s gamification capabilities.

“We are really pleased to be able to release these two new features for both paid and free versions of Level up!,” said Fred.

“We are even happier that we are able to continually improve Level up! for teachers, educators, and learners because these new features have been developed based on their feedback.”

Paid users of Level up! can also take their online learning to the next level, by selecting specific course in the rules, making it possible to give more importance to some courses over others.

This is particularly handy to motivate learners to complete more challenging courses through the incentive of, for example, collecting more points.

“At our last release, we at Branch Up also announced that we would be giving more control to the educators by improving the rules functionality in Level up! and that's exactly what we did in this release,” explained Fred.

“With these new features and more coming in the future, we hope that teachers, educators, trainers are all inspired to be even more creative when it comes to gamified learning!”

For more information on Level up! including options to obtain a free or paid version of the gamification plugin, please visit https://levelup.plus.