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Introducing UpMost - a new climbing management app set to help you up your game!

We at Branch Up are very excited to announce that a couple of weeks ago, we launched a new web and mobile app - UpMost - specifically for gyms and those interested in the climbing and bouldering competitions scenes.

Why did we set out to create UpMost?

Some of us at Branch Up have been enjoying indoor climbing as a pastime, and while practising the sport at a gym in Perth, we noticed how adding competition scores on a spreadsheet was not very engaging or intuitive for everyone involved.

As we are all about developing technology that takes industries, organisations and individuals towards innovation, we could not help ourselves but try to innovate how climbing competitions are managed!

What did we do to lead us to UpMost?

Through user focussed research, discussions with boulderers and gym owners, we gathered information on what they thought are features that would it make it easier to manage climbing competitions.

What did come up with?

We released UpMost, a set of apps powering innovation in bouldering competitions.

UpMost sets out to automate the scoring and leaderboards of bouldering competitions, so that gym owners and climbers can focus on what they love doing best.

Here are the features that UpMost went out to market with:

  • Self-managed score submission
  • Live access to leaderboards, anytime, anywhere
  • A recent activity stream where competitors can check their peers' recent achievements
  • Ability to access scores and results from past competitions
  • List of other competitions at various gyms that climbers can join in!

How can you get UpMost?

For now, we are releasing the app on a request for access basis only, with the aim of providing a limited free use of UpMost in return for feedback.

Like every successful app available today, we want to make sure UpMost's development is focussed on its users - gym owners and climbers - so we look forward to working with the community to make this app a powerful tool for managing bouldering competitions.

To find out more about UpMost and request early access for your next competitions, please visit