How Branch Up & Sport Climbing share innovation in their operations

One of the favourite past time of some of our Branch Up co-collaborators is anything to do with sports climbing - be that bouldering, indoor rock climbing, outdoor rock climbing.

Of course the symbolism of this hobby with what we do at Branch Up is not lost on us… we are always moving upwards to where innovation happens in our work for others and in our own personal time!

So it goes without saying that we always want to play a part in innovating the climbing industry.

We have recently done this through our work in creating The Hangout Perth app - that manages the scoring system and is accessible anywhere, any time by participants – on their phones, and on tablets – for the people at the Hangout Indoor Climbing Centre in Perth.

You can read more about what we did here, from identifying the challenges and opportunities with the team at the Centre to create this app, on the news centre on our website.

If you are based in Australia and are also into climbing, you might be aware that the 2018 Open Boulder Championships will be held from 20 - 21 October at Adrenaline Vault, in Perth, Western Australia. You can register and find out more information on this here.

We at Branch Up want to be a part of this excitement and invite all climbers and sport climbing centres to get in contact with us with any innovation ideas that we can work on together to advance this industry.

And why such an interest and support for the climbing industry you might ask? Let’s let the facts talk for themselves (as taken from the Sport Climbing Australia website):

Sport climbing is booming!

In recent years, climbing has truly become a popular sport, mostly because of numerous climbing gyms: more and more athletes are attracted by vertical challenges, both indoor and outdoor, and the trend continues. All this for a very good reason: climbing is a complex mind challenging sport which trains most of our 656 muscles.

A large worldwide climbing community

  • 25 million people are climbing regularly
  • They are part of the 250 million outdoor enthusiasts
  • Popularity in largest cities (300+ indoor climbing walls in London / 350+ in Paris Ile-de-France)
  • Climbing gyms from 2007 to 2012 have increased by 50%. In Germany, there are more than 280 climbing gyms open to the public. In the United States there are around 600

So… how can we at Branch Up continue to help the sport climbing industry go up and up in terms of their appeal, participation, popularity?

Here are just some ways:

  1. Are you also thinking of an app (just like we did for The Hangout Indoor Climbing Centre in Perth) to connect and engage participants at your centre?
  2. Or do you have courses and training for new, intermediate and professional climbers to advance their skills and would like to make their learning more fun and engaging with gamification?
  3. Maybe your climbing centre have a tech project to make administration and other systems used to record, collect and analyse information easier to use through integration, good UX and advanced software?

We can help with all of that!

We welcome the challenge and look forward to hearing from you, or seeing you on the walls.

Get in touch today.