Say Hello to Grade-based Rewards: You asked, We Listened

Gamification is a powerful tool to engage and motivate learners, that is why we created Level up!.

At the core of Level up! are the educators, who use our plugin to create learning materials that encourage learners' participation. Level up!'s vision is to give educators a powerful and easy to use tool to gamify their trainings and courses.

As of December 2019, the free version of Level up! is used on more than 4,200 Moodle¹ installations. We estimate that the total usage of Level up! exceeds well beyond 5,000 Moodle and Totara websites, serving hundreds of thousands of learners, in all aspects of learning, from primary school to corporate training.

These numbers continue to humble us today! We thank our community members, advocates, champions, educators and learners who use Level up! on a daily basis. We are grateful for the feedback we receive from everyone and help us know what to focus us on next.

That is why we are thrilled to announce that we've added what many of you have asked for: "Grade-based rewards" in Level up! Plus! This feature is available to everyone with an up-to-date Level up! Plus license. License holders can check the status of their license here.

How does grade-based rewards work?

The new Level up! grade-based rewards feature allows educators to award points to learners according to the grade they receive. We recommend using this feature where all learners can achieve maximum scores, such as quizzes with unlimited attempts.

In a nutshell:

  • You set the conditions for grade rewards;
  • Learners then receive points matching their grades;
  • If their next grades are higher, points will be awarded equal to the difference;
  • If their next grades are lower, nothing happens as we don't penalise students;
  • Learners always get a reward equal to their best recorded grade.

Check out our documentation page for more details on this new feature.

Keep telling us know what you think

One of our biggest values at Branch Up is listening. We stand close to our clients and community by constantly listening to feedback and developing the features requested the most. By doing so, we hope to keep improving Level up! in a way that matters to all educators and learners.

If you are using Level up!, we'd love to see you gamifying with the grade-based rewards feature! Please share your feedback and other requests by email or by tweeting us.

¹ Source of Moodle usage: