Case study: Helping The Hangout Indoor Climbing Centre Branch Up to where innovation happens


The word sometimes conjures images of disruptive technology or a breakthrough that no one has ever invented before.

Wikipedia defines “innovation” as a "new idea, device or method"... the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. Innovation takes place through the provision of more-effective products, processes, services, technologies, or business models that are made available to markets, governments and society.

Here at Branch Up, our motto is to help businesses, people and organisations grow upwards to where innovation happens.

We do that by promising quality solutions that will make work, activities, events, and anything we do, better and more effective, efficient and productive.

Recently we did exactly that with The Hangout Indoor Climbing Centre - an indoor climbing gym - by developing an app that makes recording of scores and competition more accessible.

Let’s see how innovation happened at The Hangout Indoor Climbing Centre with Branch Up.


The Hangout Indoor Climbing Centre is an indoor rock climbing centre in Perth, Western Australia. The centre welcomes climbers of all skill levels and ages to enjoy climbing in a fun and safe environment.

One the Centre’s main attraction is their climbing competitions, which run regularly over a few months, allowing participants to battle it out with each other and collect championship points along the way.

You can find out more about the Centre and their competitions and other services at

The challenge

The Centre has been running the competitions and keeping scores via an Excel spreadsheet for a number of years.

Whilst this has worked “ok,” there are challenges with using the spreadsheet to score. This include:

  • Not being able to consult/check your score, whenever, wherever;
  • Not being able to access the spreadsheet at simultaneous times;
  • Scoring data appearance didn’t look too good in a spreadsheet style.

As some of the collaborators at Branch Up are avid climbers at the Centre themselves, they couldn’t help but offer a modern, accessible and quality solution to enhance these competitions.

The solution

The team at Branch Up offered an innovative solution to the Centre’s challenges by creating an app (called The Hangout Perth) bouldering (climbing) competitions that manage the scoring system and is accessible anywhere, anytime by participants - on their phones, and on tablets in the Centre.

The app needed to provide users with a scoring system that cross references participants, is easy to operate, transfers updates directly to mobile apps from a central entry point, and importantly, be easy for climbers to use as they transition from a well-used format to a new app system.

Branch Up built The Hangout Perth app with all of these requests in mind and also made sure that it had professional looking UI, is attractive and good, easy to use functionality.

Gareth and Tracy Wall are co-managers of The Hangout Indoor Climbing Centre, and they both had the following to say about the new app:

Branch Up came up with a really innovative and easy to use solution for our needs. It is so intuitive to use that participants can use it without any explanation required from our staff.

The results

At the beginning of this case study, we mentioned how innovation can be defined as “the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs.”

We at Branch Up believe that helping businesses grow upwards to where innovation happens means that there are obvious benefits, better results, improved ways of doing things, ability to meet business goals / objectives.

We think this joint quote from Gareth and Tracy sum up exactly how our app, The Hangout Perth, helps the Centre with their business goals:

Branch Up created a fantastic app for us that seamlessly guides climbers through using the app to score their own competition results. Without exception all of our competitors (over 80 participants), have embraced this app. The app enables climbers to track the scores and rankings of all climbers wherever they are (on their phones), which keeps participants motivated and highly engaged with the competition. This in turn ensures more regular visits of participants to our business!

The next upwards growth

Together with the Centre, Branch Up will continue to assist with making indoor rock climbing as accessible to as many people as possible.

As Gareth and Tracy mentioned: “As global awareness of rock climbing increases as we head towards the inaugural inclusion of rock climbing in the 2020 Olympic Games, we aim to remain an innovative and successful indoor rock climbing business!”

“We will be aiming to have Branch Up help us with any new comps as they happen and we may even look towards a roped competition which I am comfortable with getting Branch Up’s assistance in creating the perfect scoring system.”

Thank you to Gareth, Tracy and the team at The Hangout Indoor Climbing Centre for choosing Branch Up to help your business and indoor rock climbing industry grow upwards!

We look forward to working with you more towards where innovation continues to happen. Find out more about Branch Up’s app or other technology solutions at