Case study: Branch Up helped corporate gamification tool - Motrain - be more user focussed!


Motrain is a corporate gamification tool for learning management systems Moodle and Totara. Motrain allows users to foster mastery, improve course completion rates and engage learners in a timely manner.

To increase user experience of the gamification tool in Moodle, Motrain needed to create and improve a number of plugins and also make integration with the Moodle Mobile version seamless.


Branch Up worked with Motrain on the following new initiatives and improvements to make Moodle users of the tool have a successful experience:

  • Developing the Moodle Mobile remote add-on integration.
  • Improving the local Moodle plugin to implement a cheat guard, so that learners cannot earn too many coins.
  • Improving the local Moodle plugin to make it easier to set-up. We call it the "One-click setup.”
  • Improving the local Moodle plugin to give coins based on activities being completed. Prior to this it was just based on a set of specific actions.
  • Improving the local Moodle plugin to make it possible to customise how many coins are earned per activity type or when completing such activity types.
  • Adding a block to display users’ coins and their avatars.
  • Improving their Dashboard - the user interface used by administrators - to create store items which can be purchased with the coins.
  • Review and improve Motrain’s security.


Branch Up created our Moodle Plugin and Block, developed our Moodle Mobile remote add-on integration, and has helped develop our platform on our server.

All of this work allowed us to meet our client specific requirements (e.g Moodle Mobile integration) to produce a seamless user experience so that our customers can focus on creating a unique and engaging gamification platform to suit their needs.

I would highly recommend Branch Up for any development.  They are incredibly talented, provide thorough and timely communication, and most importantly, their quality of work is outstanding.

- Jeff Campbell, Director, Motrain